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Yes, it’s “officially” Fall and the cooler temperatures have arrived. While they haven’t blossomed fully, the colors of Fall are approaching.

Most nights the time isn’t there to travel to inviting photography locations. So we must make due with what we have locally.

Last night I drove over to Bicentennial Park in East Brunswick. While I’ve been there countless times, it is a fairly attractive scene with trees, water, reflection and sunset. It is a place that really can deliver incredible beauty.

The reds and yellows have been born, but still a lot of green at the park. The next four weeks will bring some of the most colorful environments of the year. Looking forward to it, I hope you enjoy these photos.

Tree Reflection

Down the Lake

Sunset Lake Reflection

Upside Down Reflection

The Man and the Lake

Colors of Fall

Path to the Lake

Hey Little Guy

Blue Reflection

Feeling Fall

Bicentennial Park Sunset

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