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The NYC Sunrise from across the Hudson River, in New Jersey, is one of the most spectacular scenes one can digest.

The sunrise photos below were taken at Liberty State Park in Jersey City. The experience was absolutely worth the early morning rise and travel up the turnpike. If you’re a photographer in the area, this locations is a must.

Regretfully, this summer was my first visit to Liberty Start Park. I’ve returned a few times since. Put it on your list if you haven’t had the pleasure. What Exit? A few miles after exiting off 14B. I’ll have more about Liberty State Park in a future post.

This is the first post, and like life, a work in progress. I hope you enjoy the photos below.

Downtown NYC Sunrise

Landscape City Sunrise

Empire State Building

Downtown Sun Hiding

NYC Sunrise

Sun Sneaking Through NYC

Empire State Sunrise

Downtown and South

Empire and Dock Sunrise

Behind the Rail

NYC Landscape

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