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Newport Green Park is another Jersey City location that offers incredible views of New York City. The Newport Green Park, which is north of Liberty State Park, actually includes a beach. Yes, there is sand in Jersey City.

The vantage point from Newport is midtown whereas Liberty State Park gives you better view of the downtown financial area. Both locations are excellent. My suggestion would be to visit either location for sunrise as the sun rises over the city. Sunsets tend to be less spectacular, but there is something for the sun hitting the buildings of the city from behind.

NYC Sunrise Jersey City

Early Sunrise Downtown

Strong NYC Sunrise

NYC from the Park

Empire Morning

Midtown Sunrise

Downtown Sunrise NYC

The Empire Sunrise

Empire Late Sunrise

Bird Sight Seeing

Peeking at the Empire

We Remember

Sun Rising over the City

City Sunrise

Downtown from Afar

Wide Shot City

Midtown Morning

Newport Green Park Beach

Gotham Sunrise

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