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Lake Assunpink. Yes, that’s the name. This gem of a location is hidden in central New Jersey and is part of the Assunpink Wildlife Management Area. Assunpink includes three lakes (both man-made and natural) and over 6300 acres of open fields.

The sunsets always deliver. I’ve never left saying, “That sunset wasn’t that great” – There is actually a parking lot adjacent to the lake and there is consistently people boating. It’s definitely worth effort to make the trip. Have your GPS ready.

Enjoy the Photos!!!

Beautiful Lake Assunpink Sunset

Beautiful Red Sky

Warm Sunset

The Road to Lake Assunpink

Dog at Lake Assunpink

Blue Sunset at Lake Assunpink

Large Bird at Assunpink

Sunset Sky

Boat Rider

Purple Flower at Assunpink

Boating Under Red Skies

Assunpink Sunset

Darkness of Assunpink

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