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High Point State Park sits on 11,000 acres way up there in northwest New Jersey. It’s located in Sussex off route 23, and I’m guessing most NJ residents have not taken the ride to enjoy the experience. It’s not a place you’re going to pass in your daily travels.

The park is about a two hour drive north of central New Jersey. It’s not that bad of a drive, but you’ll likely need to carve out 6-10 hours for travel and time at High Point.

One of the most attractive aspects of New Jersey is the access to beaches, cities and parks like High Point. You really do feel like you’re in another state when visiting High Point State Park.

1) High Point State Park

A Monument, beach, scenic drive, camping, hiking and a lake. There’s a lot to see and do.

High Point State Park Things to Do

2) Over 50 Miles of Trails

Including the Appalachian Trail and Cedar Swamp Trail.

High Point State Park

Road to the Color

Deep in the Woods

Visit High Point State Park

3) Changing Colors

The colors are beautiful. Unfortunately, my visit was premature. I hate when that happens. You still have time to capture the height of Fall foliage this year (2015).

High Point Reflection

Color Close Up

High Point Park Color

4) High Point Monument

High Point Monument

Monument View from Below

Monument at Night

The Monument is always Present

5) Lake Marcia

Monument Reflection

Fall Behind

Lakeside Marcia Reflection

6) A Beach

Yes, there is a beach in the park. Ok, you’re not going to confuse this with LBI, but there is an area of sand where you can relax and enjoy the weather. It’s right next to the lake. Makes sense.

High Point State Park Beach

Monument from the Beach

7) Breathtaking Views

Once you enter the park there is no end to the breathtaking views you’ll enjoy. While I found myself somewhat fixated on the monument, the gorgeous scenery never seems to cease.

View from the Top

Valley View

Looking Down

Colorful View

Monument Platform View

8) It will be a New Experience For You

You likely haven’t been to the park. I’ve been in New Jersey for most of my 48 years. I hadn’t heard of it until a few months ago. I was looking for good locations to photograph in New Jersey and High Point State Park came up in a search. If you like the outdoors and/or photography, you’ll enjoy your visit.

Overlooking the Valley

Endless Beauty

Trees and Valley

9) Gorgeous Sunsets

While you might not be on top of the world, you do feel like you’re on top of New Jersey. The sunset from the monument platform was nothing short of spectacular. I’m sure sunrise doesn’t disappoint either. You get a 360 degree view up there to see it all.

Orange Sky Sunset

Water Gap Sunset

High Point Sunset

10) You’ll Want to Come Back for More

Shade and Sun

Monument Parking and View

Lakeside Picnic

The park is open year round and there is a small fee to enter between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

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